Rock Solid Subdivision in Whangarei

The ongoing Rock Solid Subdivision project in Whangarei is a testament to our expertise in comprehensive groundworks and subdivision development. With a scope encompassing 98 lots, this project has been a focal point for the past three years and counting.

As the main contractor, we have assumed responsibility for all facets of the groundworks, ensuring the successful implementation of essential infrastructure. This includes the crucial components of roading, stormwater management, sewerage systems, and water mains. Our dedicated team has utilized our modern fleet of equipment, comprising tractors, rollers, bulldozers, and diggers, to efficiently execute the necessary earthworks with precision and efficiency.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have collaborated with specialized subcontractors to carry out specific tasks such as drainlaying and high voltage power installation. This strategic partnership ensures that every aspect of the project is handled by skilled professionals who bring their expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Throughout the course of this multi-year endeavor, we have remained committed to adhering to the highest standards of quality and industry regulations. By meticulously managing the groundworks and coordinating the various elements involved, we are actively contributing to the development of a thriving community in the Rock Solid Subdivision.

As the project continues to progress, we remain dedicated to the successful completion of this housing subdivision, transforming the landscape into a vibrant and sustainable living environment for future residents.

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